The fashion industry is expanding each year. According to a 2017 study by the American Apparel and Footwear Association, 20 billion garments are bought each year by consumers. A bigger percentage of this sale occurs in physical stores. However, in the contemporary world, if you set up an online clothing business, you’re in an advantageous position to garner more sales than people who depend on physical stores. So how can someone start an online clothing business? Well, the tips and tricks below will help you in that direction:

1.Determine the most lucrative customer demographic for your online clothing business opportunity

Statistically, individuals within the age group of 18 to 45 lead the way regarding purchasing clothes online. A separate study also indicates mobile shopping tops the list of devices used to shop clothes online – the study further states individuals of ages between 25 and 34 top the list when it comes to Smartphone shopping. So if you’re looking to succeed in the online clothing business opportunities, suffice to direct all your marketing strategy to these age demographics.

Choose a specific domain within the online clothing industry

There is a wide range of areas you can focus on when you want to start an online clothing business. Some of the areas of focus you can choose from include men clothing, women clothing, kids/children clothing, general clothing, sports clothing, maternity and newborn clothing. While these niches can be lucrative depending on your marketing efforts, most entrepreneurs prefer the general clothing business. The general clothing niche allows you to benefit from all the customer demographics and expands your bottom-line.

2. Evaluate the level of competition in the online clothing business opportunity

The competition in the online clothing business is fierce today than ever because many have ventured into the booming industry. There are those who enjoy a monopoly in their niche and will do everything to kill the competition. Do a rigorous research about the competition. Find out what they offer and their downsides. Check out customer reviews and determine their pain points. Start an online clothing business geared towards addressing those pain points and the downsides of competitors. Soon you’ll jump the queen and have your own unique set of customers.

Set up a store on of the platforms for selling clothes online

To sell clothes online, you need a strong online platform to set up your own store or set up an account. Choose well known online platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay and so on. A platform like eBay allows you to open an account and list your clothes to sell. The site then cuts a small commission off your sales. With Shopify and BigCommerce, you’ll need to build your own store from scratch and customize it to your taste. You’ll then list your items and start selling. They also cut a small commission from any sale you make.

3.Take high-quality pictures of your clothes and list them on your chosen online store, along with detailed product descriptions

Invest in HD photography to come up with top-quality images. The images should highlight every aspect of the clothes. Ensure you or a model is wearing the outfits before taking the photos. This brings out the actual size and looks of the outfits to enhance customer attraction, hence faster sales. List your clothes on your chosen platform, including a comprehensive description of each cloth.

Set prices for your clothes on the platform for selling clothes online

Set competitive price tag on each cloth. Some online platforms can help you set prices that customers are comfortable with. Also, include a fair shipping cost. The shipping cost should slightly impact the overall cost of the cloth.

Promote your online clothing business opportunity

Although the large e-commerce platforms have established a solid customer base, you should incorporate your own marketing efforts to supercharge your sales. Promote your online store on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

 Once you have done all these steps, you can use one of the best platforms in the market to sell your clothes online:



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