According to the latest statistics, the market for used bags, clothes and shoes is breaking many records. That’s why you should start cleaning your wardrobe right away. If you have pieces of branded clothing, you should know that the list of online clothing business opportunities is virtually endless.

As expected, there are many resale websites focused on branded clothes, and according to them, it looks like some brands are more popular than the others. In other words, people are willing to pay more for these used clothes.

If you want to sell your old branded shirts, coats or other pieces of clothing, you must set a realistic price. By learning more about the popularity of specific brands, you will be able to make a better decision. Hermes and Chanel are by far the most popular brands when it comes to resale. Some sellers say that whenever they post an item from these brands, these items are sold almost right away. Obviously, certain products are more popular than others like some Chanel bags.

In the last year, Gucci was a little bit more popular compared to Prada, but you can rest assured that your online clothing resale business will do good with both brands. It is good to know that the interest in Saint Laurent brand has increased by over 160% in the last year. The main reason for this sudden increase is the rumor that one of the most important designers in this company Hedi Slimane will stop working there. Valentino found itself in a similar position with 110% increased popularity at least when it comes to resales. Celine, Rolex and Christian Louboutin are three other brands that are very popular among buyers focused on second-hand clothes.

If we take a closer look at these figures, we will notice that this second-hand market is similar to the primary market. The demand for certain brands is reflected in the secondary market. So, if a certain designer becomes more popular for some reason, people are looking not only for new pieces of clothing but for old ones too.

Last year was not favorable for every brand. There were some brands like Dior and Burberry that were excluded from the top ten list. Those who are planning on joining this market must follow the latest trends all the time.