People love wearing customized clothes they have designed themselves. It gives them a sense of pride to wear designs they have created themselves. There are many platforms selling clothes online out there but not a lot where people have the freedom to design their own clothes.

So, starting a clothing design website might sound like a tough task since everyone will design their own product and everything will be customizable but due to the demand of this, you will get a lot of business.

Here are some tips which might help you start your clothing design website:

  1. Clear options

You need to have clear options regarding what clients can customize themselves. Will it just be the graphic image of their choosing which they can have printed on a shirt or can they also design what kind of sleeves they can have and what color the garment should be. Giving customers the freedom to choose details is great but they should know what details they can change and what their exact options are.

  1. Upload images

If a customer merely wants to upload an image of the kind of dress or printed t-shirt they want; they should have the option to do so. Customers should be able to upload images of actual dresses or pictures they want to get printed on clothing. The upload image option should be present on your clothing design websites.

  1. Sizing chart

You should provide an accurate sizing chart for different sizing options. It would be even more helpful if you described how each garment fits in a different size. Details like these reinsure a customer and encourage them to purchase products from you.

  1. Contact page

With websites where customers can design their own products, a lot of problems can arise if customers do not get adequate customer support. The website might be tough to navigate through or the customer may have some questions about services that are offered on your clothing design website. Hence, either a chatting option or a phone number should be provided for round the clock assistance.

  1. User friendly interface

You need to make sure your website is easy to navigate through so that customers do not get confused and frustrated and leave the website. Make it as user friendly as possible so customers understand the concepts quicker and feel in control.